""Salute to Klaus Haro""/THE NEW MAN

Reading Cinemas (formally Pacific) Town Square 14, Clairemont

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest: Klaus Haro

THE NEW MAN (2007)


5:10 pm to 7:15 pm


7:55 pm to 10:00pm

Klaus takes on another sensitive chapter of Swedish history in THE NEW MAN. Shockingly, no country other than Nazi Germany carried out more enforced sterilization's than Sweden. Prior to World War II, they took place largely on eugenic grounds. They carried on into the 1970's as part of a broader program of social engineering designed to eradicate poverty and overcrowding among the society's undesirables.

The story of THE NEW MAN focuses on 19-year-old Gertrud, the eldest daughter of a poor family. One day in 1951, the authorities force her into a work home for young women. Here she encounters a motley crew: one touch girl, one who's shy, one who's slightly crazy. All of them live under the shadow of hard-hearted scientist Dr. Berg, who carries out sterilization's, convinced that he's doing society a favor.

Rated: Unrated / Running Time: 104 Minutes

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