""Salute to Klaus Haro""/ ELINA: AS IF I WASN'T THERE

Reading Cinemas (formally Pacific) Town Square 14, Clairemont

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Guest: Klaus Haro



5:15pm to 6:55 pm


8:00 pm to 9:40 pm

In rural northern Sweden of the early 1950's, little Elina goes to school again after recovering from tuberculosis, the same illness that has killed her father a few years earlier. Elina's family belongs to a Finnish-speaking minority frowned upon by a staunch schoolmistress who starts hounding Elina for speaking Finnish in class and questioning her authority. Elina's mother, sister and a liberal young male teacher all try to mediate the ensuing battle of wills between Elina and Miss Holm.

Finland's Oscar® submission from 2002 is a beautifully photographed story about love, justice and integrity.

Rated: Unrated / Running Time: 77 Minutes

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