AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


7:00PM: Cinema Chat with Andy, Auditorium 4

7:10PM: Introduction, Auditorium 4

7:20PM: Introduction, Auditorium 5

7:30PM: MARCELLO MARCELLO Auditoriums 4 & 5

Discussion will follow screening in Auditorium 4

AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres

Best of the Fest Winner, Palm Springs International Film Festival


Denis Rabaglia's heartwarming romantic comedy, set on the Italian island of Amatrello in 1956, follows the fortunes of young Marcello, who, in order to win the heart of the lovely Elena (the mayor's daughter, no less) must follow a gift-giving tradition. But what gift to give the mayor in order to date his daughter?

MARCELLO MARCELLO, starring Francesco Mistichelli, Elena Cucci, Renato Scarpa, Luca Sepe and Luigi Petrazzuolo is a Swiss/German co- production directed by Denis Rabaglia.

Running Time: 97 Minutes

Not Rated

PLEASE NOTE: MARCELLO MARCELLO is in Italian with English Subtitles

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