AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guest: Richie Mehta, Rupinder Nagra


7:00PM: Cinema Chat with Andy, Auditorium 4

7:10PM: Introduction, Auditorium 4

7:10PM: Introduction, Auditorium 5

7:30PM: AMAL, Auditoriums 4 & 5

Discussion will follow screening in Auditorium 4

AMC La Jolla 12 Theatres


Auto rickshaw driver AMAL is content with the small but vital role he serves - driving customers around New Delhi as quickly and safely as possible. But his sense of duty is tested by an eccentric, aging billionaire, who, moved by Amal's humility, bequeaths him his entire estate before passing away. With only one month to discover and claim the inheritance, Amal's struggles with duty and wealth are threatened by all those around him - from a young injured beggar girl and a lovely store merchant, to the danger of the old man's upper-caste friends and siblings, all seeking to claim their share of the riches.

Starring Rupinder Nagra as Amal, AMAL is directed for the screen by Richie Mehta.

PLEASE NOTE: AMAL is in Hindi with English Subtitles

Running Time: 101 Minutes

Rated PG

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