Arclight La Jolla

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


On Screen: 4:30pm or 7:30pm (You Pick!)

ArcLight La Jolla (Auditoriums 4 & 5)

Cinema Chat and Introduction begins 30 minutes prior to screenings

Discussion follows screenings

Spain's Oscar Submission


Marco is the assistant coach for a basketball team in Spain's First Division. He has problems at work, problems with his wife, problems with almost everything. But the real problem is his approach to life.

One day, in the middle of a game, his frustrations lead to a brawl with the head coach, he gets drunk and crashes his car, and this lands him in the docket.

He is sentenced to coach a very special basketball team made up of the intellectually disabled. At the same time, he loses his job and his relationship falls apart.

To Marco's surprise, he will be the one who learns from his adventure with the team, from their lust for life and their understanding of what is really important... Running Time: 124 Minutes. Not Rated.

PLEASE NOTE: CHAMPIONS is in Spanish with English Subtitles

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