Holiday Trailer Show & TANGERINES

Arclight La Jolla

Tuesday, December 9, 2014



4:30pm and 7:30pm: Holiday Preview Show & TANGERINES

ArcLight La Jolla (Auditoriums 4 & 5)

Winner, Best Director, Warsaw Film Festival

Oscar Submission, Estonia


There have been Estonian settlements on the Caucasian Black Sea coast for over a hundred years. The 1992 outbreak of the bloody conflicts between Georgia and the Russia-supported republic of Abkhazia forced the majority of Estonians to return to the country of their forefathers. Their villages turned into ghost towns - only a few people stayed behind.

Among them, aging carpenter Ivo and his neighbor Markus, who makes a living cultivating tangerines. The fruit is ripe and should be harvested soon, but the conflict gets in the way. In fact you could say it comes for a house visit...

When a battle takes place right outside his door, Ivo takes in two badly wounded men: Achmed, a Chechen, and Nika, a Georgian. He soon discovers that housing deadly enemies is not easy. Yet he acts calmly and declares his home a diplomatic neutral zone. This deeply pacifist chamber drama is as tense as any thriller.

Running Time: 87 Minutes. Not Rated

PLEASE NOTE: TANGERINES is in Estonian with English subtitles.

PLEASE NOTE: Our holiday program begins with our annual Holiday Movie Trailer show, allowing members to "one stop shop" the holiday movie season, followed immediately by TANGERINES.

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