Just Added! Salute to Switzerland & ORO VERDE

Arclight La Jolla

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Salute to Switzerland


We are proud to be presenting this Swiss comedy, with a visit by its star Carlos Leal.


Inspired by real events which took place in Ticino in the early 2000s, ORO VERDE is the story of Mario and his seedy gang, who are considering the heist of the century: stealing a huge quantity of cannabis which was confiscated by the police and stashed in a military warehouse, leaving ordinary hay in its place. They hope the plan will turn their lives around...

PLEASE NOTE: ORO VERDE is in Italian with English Subtitles.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: This event takes place on a Wednesday.

Running Time: 90 Minutes. Not Rated.

Special thanks to Jean-Francois Lichtenstern, Consul General of Switzerland, Los Angeles.

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