Salute to Richard Trank & AGAINST THE TIDE

Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 Theatre

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest: Richard Trank


On Screen: 4:30pm or 7:30pm (You Pick!)

Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 Theatre

Cinema Chat (Aud. 14) begins 30 minutes prior to screenings

Introduction begin 15 minutes prior to screenings (Aud. 14 & 8)

Discussion follows screenings (Aud. 14)

Salute to Filmmaker Richard Trank and


The Cinema Society is honored to welcome back Academy Award® winning filmmaker Richard Trank, who last season won the Society's Finest Award for Best Documentary for his film WINSTON CHUCHILL: WALKING WITH DESTINY, and in 2007 he receive a standing ovation for his showcasing of I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN YOU: THE LIFE & LEGACY OF SIMON WIESENTHAL.

Tonight Richard returns with his film:


Narrated by Dustin Hoffman, AGAINST THE TIDE examines the conflict that erupted in the American Jewish community over the best means to rescue the European Jews trying to escape the Holocaust. It tells the little known story of Peter Bergson, who tirelessly stood up against American Jewish leaders in the late 30's and early 40's in an effort to save the Jews of Europe.

Not Rated.

Running Time: 102 Minutes

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