Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 Theatre

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


4:30pm or 7:30pm (You Pick!)

TRUST, Auditoriums 14 & 8

Discussion will follow screening in Auditorium 14

Reading Cinemas Town Square 14 Theatre


When Will and Lynn Cameron's 14-year-old daughter, Annie, made a new friend online—a 16-year-old boy named Charlie whom she met in a volleyball chat room—Will and Lynn didn't think much of it. They discussed his friendship with her, assuming that this is normal with teenagers who connect through the internet.

After weeks on communicating online, Annie becomes enraptured by Charlie and finds herself drawn to him more and more. Slowly, she learns he is not who he claims to be; yet, Annie remains intrigued by Charlie even as the truth about him is uncovered. The devastating revelation reverberates through her entire family, setting in motion a chain of events that forever change their lives in ways that no one could have ever predicted.

Directed by David Schwimmer (RUN, FAT BOY, RUN), TRUST stars Academy Award® -nominees Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, newcomer Liana Liberato and Academy Award®-nominee Vila Davis. A Millennium Entertainment Release, it opens commercially in San Diego on April 15th.

Running Time: 106 Minutes / Rated R for disturbing material involving the rape of a teen, language, sexual content and some violence.

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